And then there is a cup of coffee…

photo (1)

This last week has been so busy and while I could have taken pictures of what I made last night to post and share, it has been far more important in the last few days to just be where I am and to be present in those moments.

So at the moment, in order to continue on this creative trajectory and in order to keep myself accountable, I’m posting today while sitting up at my Grandmother’s beautiful cabin overlooking Lake Plantagenet, drinking a cup of Highlander Grog coffee with a cozy woolen blanket on my legs. There is storm in the sky. The current is fast today and the wind on the lake is busy. This time of year is a very introspective time to be up at the cabin. It is so quiet and is usually cool and overcast which makes it easy to just be. So that’s what I’m working on doing – just being.

Being content with where I am, who I am, what I’m doing, how I’m living my life. I’d love to be ecstatic and thrilled and overwhelmed with all of the good and truly there are days, but some days I just need to focus on being okay with reality, too.

For me there is a lot of truth in a cup of coffee. Whether it’s because so many honest conversations happen on weekend mornings over a cup of coffee, or because there are days where it gets you from one frustrating hour to the next, or because it’s warm and comforting and smells like so many memories that feel honest and bring you back to a place and time where life felt a little bit more secure and certain, coffee is kind of like a warm hug, for me at least.

There could be and, arguably, is a lot to be desired in this life. Some more nobly than others, I’d say. But it is moments like these that remind every cell of my being to be nothing but thankful for this moment, right here and all I have in it.

Promising more posts this week. Until then, take a moment to remember to just be, whomever you are.


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